About Nexural

Hi, my name is Stefan and I am the founder of Nexural. I have developed a long-standing passion for functional clothing over the past years and often thought that I had to compromise between functionality and style. This is the reason I founded Nexural in 2020. I want to create a fusion between function, comfort and versatility.

When I wore my first merino shirt as a baselayer for snowboarding, I was immediately impressed by the unique properties of the wool. Since then I've been a huge merino fan and have tested a large number of different products. Years later while hiking in the rain, I asked myself why I can't wear these extremely comfortable, water-repellent trekking pants every day? Well, because they look like trekking pants. I searched for a long time and found nothing, there were no everyday pants made of this unique fabric. That was the decisive moment that gave birth to the idea of ​​founding a brand. After intense contact with producers / fabric manufacturers and extensive product development, the first products were able to go online with the shop in February 2021.

It has to be functional, comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Nexural merges performance and comfort. Minimalistic style without large logos or prints. Extremely versatile and the right choice for every occasion - that is my vision I want to share with you.